Confidential. Voluntary. Non-judgmental.

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential problem-solving process in which two non-judgmental mediators help two or more people develop solutions to their conflict. Community mediation is facilitated by highly trained volunteers committed to abiding by the Maryland Standards of Conduct for Mediators.

The confidentiality of mediation is protected by the Maryland Mediation Confidentiality Act. Community mediators guide the participants through a process that helps identify problems, generate solutions and create agreements acceptable to both.

Mid Shore Community Mediation Center provides mediation and conflict resolution services for all types of disputes and situations, please contact us if you have questions about how mediation may be suitable for your conflict. In addition to mediation, we offer group meeting facilitation and conflict management workshops.

Some types of disputes where mediation or facilitation is often helpful are:

  • Parenting Plan/Custody Agreements
  • Landlord-Tenant Issues
  • Roomate/Neighbor Relationships
  • Parent-Teen Discussions
  • Small Claims Cases
  • Employment/Business Disputes
  • Elder Care
  • Family/Wedding Planning
  • Community Issues
  • Organizational Strategic Planning

Mediation is sometimes called Alternative Dispute Resolution, Conflict Resolution, or Dispute Resolution.


How much does Mediation Cost?

Mediation and facilitation services are provided to the public free of charge.

When & where does Mediation happen?

Mediation is scheduled at a time and place convenient to the participants. Mid Shore Mediation has locations across Dorchester, Talbot and Caroline counties.

How can I schedule a Mediation?

To schedule a mediation, please contact us or call 410-820-5553.